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Keeping Corn

Monday, August 11th, 2008

This is the time of year that I like to eat a lot of sweet corn. Growing up in rural Upstate New York, I remember going to the sweet corn stands on the side of the Highway. I have a fondness for the flavor that really accentuates the beauty that is Summer.

There are many ways to cook your sweet corn, grilling in the husk, roasting in foil, or just boiling it in salted water. But there is also a way to preserve that flavor for later in the year when corn is no longer in season.

If you can take advantage of the low price on ears of corn this time of year, I would suggest purchasing a large quantity to process. If you shuck all of the corn, boil it so it is cooked and remove it from the cob, you can package it in freezer bags, or Foodsaver bags and place it in your freezer. This is a great way to continue having wonderful local corn all year round.

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