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Erin Go Blah? Sod Off!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day, my favorite holiday, is upon us next week.  I am looking forward to the festivities and the FOOD!.  Believe it or not, Irish fare is not all bland, boiled or bromidic.  There are succulent and tasty flavors and preparations involved in Irish cuisine.  A St. Patrick’s Day menu I might prepare is as follows:

Apple-Parsnip Soup
served with Irish Soda Bread

Crab & Boile Salad
(Boile is a hand crafted goat’s cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs)

Bacon Wrapped Salmon
served with an apple-thyme cream

Bailey’s & Strawberry Fool
(a traditional whipped cream dessert)

All of this accompanied by a few pints of Guinness….the perfect meal.  Slainte!

Spicing things up

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Yesterday I hung up a new spice rack I have built and I am wondering…how are people storing their spices and dried herbs?  For the best longevity, you should store them in a cool, dark place.  Storing them above the range top is NOT a good idea as heat speeds up oxidation and will eventually render your stores rancid. Glass is the best storage container, and if you must store in bulk, be sure to vacuum seal the jars if possible.

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