Living Another Culture

While in Kauai, my wife and I attended a traditional Luau.  The entertainers told a story of the voyage of some of the first Polynesians to venture across the ocean to settle the islands of Hawaii.  We were treated to a great story, amazing dancing and music as well as athletic acrobatics and fire throwing.  Most importantly, we were able to sample a plethora of local fare.

The menu was preset and it was a buffet.  There were many different salads to choose from including a salmon and tomato salad that was outstanding.  We of course partook in the freshest pineapple, mango and papaya I have ever eaten, and as we continued down the bountiful array, we were treated to a stir fry of vegetables with coconut broth, poached mahi mahi, garlic infused purple sweet potatoes and, the highlight, a roasted whole pig.  The pork was so tender and moist it nearly melted in my mouth.



Dessert was a decedent display of rum cake, coconut panna cotta and a chocolate caramel tart all portioned in two bite samples.  We topped off the evening with Mai Tai’s and a magnificent performance. Mahalo!!

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