$32 Pretzel?!!

That’s right, I said $32 pretzel.  Actually, to be more accurate, that was a text message I received from my wife while I and a good friend from Syracuse were out on a “Hop In, Hop Out” culinary tour of my neighborhood in West Seattle.  The trip out that afternoon was a thank you to my friend Eric for being my son’s Godfather.  He had visited before, and had seen the downtown area, and decided he would rather stay in my ‘hood to eat and drink local delicacies.  We started at Prost!, a German inspired pub known throughout the city for their soft pretzel with mustard.  IT, only costs $6, but the two draft lagers we had each, plus the 2 pretzels made the bill $32.

We had just left Prost and headed to The Matador for a Manny’s and some fish tacos.  While ordering, I feel my phone vibrate and see that is a text message from my wife.  “That pretzel cost $32???”, it exclaimed.  I had to inform her that we had some tall beers to go with it and that the next stop would be noticeably cheaper; though I was only guessing.  I showed it to Eric.  He chuckled and said, Wow, that was fast!”  I completely agreed and told him I didn’t realize I was being monitored and we needed to have one beer per stop.  Eric, being the guy that he is and a good friend for nearly two decades, said that the next stop was on him.  I have learned during the tenure of our friendship that it is pointless to argue, and being fellas, we both knew that a day out eating will even out on my next trip to Syracuse.

After The Matador, we headed down the street to Elliot Bay Brewery for a sampler.  We got to choose our own five beer flight from their many choices.  I was impressed with their Red IPA, and that is about it.  The fact that our server was MIA for most of the time was also a real put off, and we decided to high tail it to the next place after we got the bill.

We headed across the street for Sushi at Moshiko, and were informed that there would be 90 minute wait.  We promptly exited and were on our way back to the car and made an impromptu stop at Azuma, a place I have never been to.  Were were seated immediately and ordered a spicy tuna roll, a spider roll and a Jun Mai sake.  Delicious!  After that we headed home and Eric fell asleep in my recliner.  I never knew a $32 pretzel could affect two people in dramatically different ways.

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