“Not Even In Your Top Ten”…

…is what my darling wife said to me as we were having dinner with some friends recently.  I took the time to prepare a few new things I have been wanting to try.  The menu consisted of Cumberland chicken in which I pan roasted some chicken breasts, added some English style bacon, leeks and fresh red grapes.  I then deglazed with Port and orange juice and let that reduce.  I also made a couscous galette for the first time.  It is a crunchy baked pasta dish with Gruyere, lemon and eggs, and lightly crisped under the broiler.  For dessert I made a lemon meringue baked Alaska.  I made a lemon curd, served it atop a sponge cake and encased bourbon ice cream with an Italian style meringue. Delicious?  Yes.  And, to which I exclaimed “this is one of the best meals I have ever made”.  My wife replied “it’s not even in your top ten”.  I wasn’t defeated though, she rattle of a list of her favorites including my pizza, grilled Filet Mignon and a white chocolate-lavender ice cream I had made for her once.  I take great pleasure that my harshest critic is completely honest with me, does truly enjoy the food I prepare and also folds my laundry.

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